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The Sole Providers of The Vibrational Guitar Speaker, bringing to you what every guitar should have.

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Easy, Affordable, Aesthetic

It's a guitar with only more

The Vibrational Guitar Speaker is a Guitar and a Bluetooth Speaker in one. Pair your smartphone, listen, or even play along to your favorite music. The Vibrational Guitar Speaker is affordable, and has an exquisite look and sound. It comes in both Guitar and Ukelele forms.

Our Product

Relative Performance

Usability Lightweight and Simple

Cost Economical

Aesthetic High Quality Sound

Extra Features Our Unique Patented Tech

Advanced Tech

The Hoff Vibrational Guitar speaker's main competitive advantage is our unique pending patent.

Two in One

With our technology in your instrument, you can travel easier. Your bluetooth speaker will always be with you.

Strong Customer Support

The Hoff team cares about your experience. We are responsive to customer communications.

Packed With The Essentials

Our instruments come with a 10000mah battery pack, a unique strap, a carrying bag, and more all at an affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? Order here.

We want your satisfaction, if you are not satisfied with the product please contact us and we will help.


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